Arsenal To Spend £60m On Sanchez, Bender & Debuchy But Still Need To Spend More

When the curtains came down on last season, particularly after the FA cup triumph at Wembley, the press went to town with the news that Arsenal has a substantial budget to improve it squad for the coming season. The media put the sum at around £100 million available to Arsene Wenger to improve the squad. As a result many fans went to task with several talk of how the budget should be expended.

There are now reports in the media that the club intends to spend £60 million pounds on Alexi Sanchez, Lars Bender and Mathieu Debuchy. What this means is that the club will have £40 million left to spend from that budget.

Added to that sum is the money the club got from the full sale of Carlos Vela to Real Sociedad which stands at £10 million, together with the money generated from the deals that took Cesc Fabregas to Chelsea and a permanent deal for Johan Djourou. Which in effect adds up to another £18 million to the budget available.

The possible signings of Sanchez, Debuchy and even Lars Bender if the press are to be believed, means 60% of the available budget would have gone on three players without other areas of the squad having been addressed.

From the shortcomings of the squad, the club is in need of a striker, a right back, a winger, a centre half, a holding midfielder and a back up goalkeeper. Sanchez is more a winger than a striker, although, he can function as a striker. The club will still have to factor into its budget the plans of buying another striker or a winger, even when Sanchez comes in depending on the position Arsene Wenger chooses to use him.

With the use of the money outlined above, there is no consideration yet for the aforementioned positions which are a centre half, a striker and a goalkeeper.

What this means is that, as much, as the much touted £100 million budget has been brandish about, spending it together with other sums, gotten from other deals, should not be at the expense of other positions in the squad, which will at the end create an unbalanced squad. It no use if large sums of money are spend on one part of the squad when other areas are left bare. Such as the Ozil effect of last season, it was clear that the club was in great need of a striker yet, the purchase of the German papered over the crack initially, but when push came the shove, the centre could not hold, and in the end, last season’s league campaign ended in disappointment.

This in effect makes it important for the club to use the budget to get in the needful in all positions.