Caution Arsenal Fans – Arsenal May Not Announce Sanchez Signing Alongside New Kit

The summer transfer window is always a time for all manner of permutations amongst fans, especially those of an Arsenal persuasion. The lack of early signings together with the news surrounding the impending signings of Mathieu Debuchy and Alexis Sanchez has brought some hyper activity within the fandom.

Some of the permutations have bothered around what could be delaying the club in announcing any deal. When there is no answer to a general question, such a question is liable to all manner of answers from virtually everybody. So it is that, most Arsenal fans have tried to give their own opinions, as to why the club has so far delayed any signings up to this point.

Some have tried to link the delay to the launch of the new Puma kit that comes up later this month. It is easy to come across assertions from different quarters within the fans community.

However, if the past is used as a yardstick to arrive at a conclusion, it only means that such assertions would not hold sway in the scale of reality. Last summer, prior to the club’s kit launch at the Emirates, the club’s hierarchy promised to surprise fans with an announcement that would rival any beyond the tower of the willows. As it turned out, it became nothing more than a few talks in the sunshine of Ashburton grove. Yet, a little over a year after that episode, several fans are still pinning their hopes on a surprise announcement that will accompany the season’s kit launch.

However, it must be stated that such strong conviction should be liaised with a dose of caution as there is no guarantee that there would be an announcement, in respect of signings, on the day of the kit launch.

There is however a ray of hope within all the heighten optimism of the fans, as the club cannot afford to disappoint fans this time as it did last summer. Arsenal has an habit of always disappointing when they bellow to the high heavens their intentions just like last summer when Ivan Gazidis told the world that the club has entered a new phase of financial power, added to that, they promised a surprise during the kit launch, but if anything, it was underwhelming at the end. But, the silence from within the club could play out as something of a positive at the end of the transfer window.

As a strategy of silence seem to be the new approach from those at Highbury House so that when any announcement comes, it will truly be a surprise, and not a situation where all the surprise element has been used up in much talking just like it was last summer.

Perhaps, the club has learnt that it is better to do the talking in the transfer market, rather than in the corridors of the media.