Why Spending £45m On Sanchez And Debuchy Means Wenger Has Changed

A summer that started slowly as it relates to Arsenal transfers, have started picking up with reports emerging from various news outlets that the club is closed to securing the transfers of French right back, Mathieu Debuchy and Chilean and Barcelona attacker Alexis Sanchez.

The direction of the club, in respect of transfers over the course of the last few seasons, is reflected in the calibre of players that have been linked as well, as the ages of these players. What this means, is that, it signals a change of direction from the hitherto obdurate policies of Arsene Wenger.

Since the debacle of the 8-2 defeat to Manchester United at Old Trafford in August 2011, Arsene Wenger has adopted a policy of bringing in tried and tested players, who will hit the ground running and deliver on their talent. And not players with promise, who many are waiting, to come to light.

This change of direction is reflected in the players the Frenchman has brought in since that time. The likes of Per Mertesacker, Mikel Arteta, Nacho Monreal, Oliver Giroud, Mezut Ozil, Santi Cazorla and Lukas Podolski where ages 25 and above when they came in.

It showed a trend in the manager, who hitherto, was reluctant to spend on experience preferring to stick to youth since the club moved to the Emirates Stadium in the summer of 2006. This change of policy was evident even before the much talked about  financial power bellowed to the press by Ivan Gazidis last summer.

Also, the ages of Mathieu Debuchy (28) and Alexis Sanchez (25) who would be signed soon, reflects a shift in the ways of Frenchman, he now goes for players who are at their peak. Players that would bring immediate success to the club. Whether this shift in direction from Le Prof is as a result of the new financial strength of the club or just an issue of coincidence is a different thing.

This new direction from the club is also reflected in the players that have been linked to the club, and players the club has tried to sign over the last few seasons.

This change of direction from the club is not only reflected in the ages of the players that have been signed, but also the fact that large sums of money are now be spent on transfers. Ditto Mesut Ozil who was brought in for £42 million. The fact, that the club is willing to spend high transfer fees means the Ozil transfer is not a one off.

The fact, that players in the high echelon of the game are currently being linked means, that it has entered the corridors of financial stability, which means, that the club has entered an era where it can flex it financial muscles that many affiliated to the club have waited for in years. Players like Mario Balotelli, Marcos Reus, and Edinson Cavani who commands high transfer fees were seen as the exclusive preserve of other clubs before now, but the change of the financial situation at the club with the new commercial deals has altered the face of things.

Now fans cannot only dream of certain players, they can now look forward to those players at the Emirates.