Alexis Sanchez Is Incredibly Inconsistent – Claims Englishman

When Alexis Sanchez was signed as an Arsenal player, the fury that came from Merseyside amongst disappointed fans of Liverpool was palpable. Before then, the element of visceral that accompanied his eminent signing was revealed with consternation from the Red side of Merseyside. Such reaction would not have been possible if the Chilean was just another player changing clubs, but rather the reaction was testament of the Chilean’s ability as a player.

However, despite all this, a reaction that has tended to deviate from the path of reasoning was fostered on corridors of the social media by one who feels his opinion is relevant in football. It none other than the vile human that is Joey Barton who described Alexis Sanchez as a player of hype and that nobody should get carried away by the Chilean’s signing. He said thus via tweeter:

” Am I the only one not overly wetting my pants over Arsenal signing Sanchez? From what I’ve seen of him he is incredibly inconsistent.”

This statement above smacks of somebody who suffers from a syndrome of attention seeking. The Queen Park Rangers midfielder has always been a player with limited abilities who feels brute force is better than technique and flare. He has always being a thuggish person whose limited ability is made even more obvious by his constant attack on all things that is beauty in football.

Fact Alexis Sanchez can still reach great heights than where he is as a footballer, but for another person who is also a footballer, to describe him as inconsistent, smacks of the deranged and schizophrenic. A person that is insane leaves in its own bubble of fantasy, and most times thinks everything about him is good, but the opposite is the case.

The likes of Joey Barton represent most of the things that is wrong with English football. A player, who refers to Alexis Sanchez as inconsistent, will apparently claim that Bobby Zamora is one of the best strikers in the world.

A player that was of the stand out performer at the World Cup cannot be said to be inconsistent. A player who was a bit part player last season at Barcelona yet scored 19 league goals cannot be inconsistent. Every person has a capacity to improve and at 25 the Chilean can certainly do more than he has done. But for the inconsistent tag to be thrown at him from a player whose best impression as a footballer are his rugby tackles and assaults on the field cannot be right.

Arsene Wenger once made a revealing statement in the height of the rivalry between Arsenal and Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United. That everyone thinks they have the prettiest wife at home. Such is the scenario that Joey Barton finds himself, he will always be in the wilderness of envy at the abilities of those who are proper footballers, but, deep down he thinks he is best of all.

The question is simple; when Alexis Sanchez and Joey Barton are placed in the scale of footballers, what will be your description of both? Your guess is as good as mine.