Jack Wilshere Attitude – A Good Indication of Everything Wrong With English Players

The cliché  that sustaining success is more important than the success itself is the hallmark of every endeavour. When Jack Wilshere broke into the scene following his first full debut season with Arsenal in 2010/2011 following his loan spell at Bolton the previous season, he lit up the entire squad as Arsenal laid assault on the pursuit of trophies on four fronts before it eventually collapsed. Jack Wilshere eventually ended the season being voted as the club’s player of the season. He couldn’t have gotten that honour if he had not performed admirably.

However, it has mostly been downhill from there, with an 18 months absence that stemmed from a stress fracture injury to his ankle. Since his re-introduction back to the team after his comeback from injury a lot of criticism has trailed not just his performance on the field, but his off field foibles.

Last season, he was pictured outside a night club smoking, for which he was made to make an apology, a behaviour Arsene Wenger was not best pleased with. As if that episode was not enough, following England’s disappointing World Cup, he has been pictured again, this time in a pool smoking, and doing his best impression of a Marlboro king.

It is disgraceful to say the least, that at a time footballers from other climes are trying to better themselves in the off season, the likes of Jack Wilshere are involved in destructive tendencies that will only do harm to his ability to be consistent on the football field. Some will argue that he can do whatever he wants while on holiday to that I say any sportsman (not just footballers) who want to improve and become better will not do things that will be detrimental to his career. Will Ramsey have been seen smoking like Jack? It is even more annoying considering he could have done it in the corridor of his house.

It is an unfortunate part of the grim issues bedevilling those of English football persuasion. Jack Wilshere is a reflection of all that is wrong with English footballers, who feels when they appear on the scene they can engage in all manner of activities that are inimical to their careers, instead of knuckling down to work hard. At a time he should be seen practicing how he would improve his shooting, he is somewhere in Las Vegas frolicking away widely. Several players who were in the same World Cup in Brazil have cut short their holidays to start pre-season training. Ditto the likes of Luke Shaw and Steven Gerard.

Jack Wilshere should sit down and reflect properly on the coming season, as the incoming season could make him a bit part player at Arsenal if he does not improve. There is no doubting the fact that he has to improve on his attitude. As it smacks of immaturity to be involved in activities that lead to many questioning his professionalism.

Arsene Wenger must have been disappointed to have seen Jack Wilshere in such situation again few months after the first episode. Knowing how the Frenchman holds decorum in high esteem, Jack Wilshere must have fallen foul of some behaviourial tenets of Le Prof.

It is not enough for the pundits to lament to the high heavens those foreign players are blocking the path of English talents, the question should be; how much do the English players want it? Their attitude should be questioned. Improvement only comes from attitudinal change, and not by empty words in the press.