Clear Indication That Arsenal Has Signed Sami Khedira?

Football always has a way of throwing up moments that lightens the mood, in most cases what amounts to that would vary according to different interpretation. Over the years, the club has become used to what to other persons amounts to light moments, but to those of Arsenal persuasion, it is seen as tapping up at the highest order.

Four years ago, at the height of Cesc Fabregas’ desire to move to Barcelona, the Spanish players (Pepe Reina) forced on him a Barcelona shirt during the Spanish team’s bus parade in Madrid following their World Cup triumph in South Africa. It was seen as a moment of joke to the Spanish players, while to Arsenal fans; it was a moment of madness from Pepe Reina. Not only was Barca shirt forced on Fabregas, many Barca players came out in the press to say how much they want him to sign for their club, obviously with backing from Barca directors.

Fast forward four years from 2010, during Germany’s World Cup parade and celebration in Berlin. Sami Khedira who has been constantly linked to Arsenal over the past few months, was asked where his future lies in the coming season? Lukas Podolski was quick to respond by shouting Arsenal in the background. You can watch the video here.

From an Arsenal fan’s perspective, that could be clear indication he has signed for Arsenal. Podolski should know some inside information. However, fans of other clubs have viewed this from the angle of what the Barcelona players did some four years ago on Cesc Fabregas. And some have gone to some length to interpret it as tapping up of the German.

However, the scenarios are different to say the least. Arsenal were not willing to sell Cesc Fabregas four years ago, while in the case of Sami Khedira, Real Madrid are supposedly ready to do sell him, with just one year left on his current contract. Together with the reports that emerged earlier Wednesday via Marca that Arsenal have agreed a fee for the German.

In all these, the scene that played out in Berlin on Tuesday says a lot about the person of Lukas Podolski. He remains a player the club’s fans holds dear because of his jovial personality. Even though, his technical ability cannot be said to be on the same level as his ability to make people laugh, it never less shows, he holds Arsenal in high regards as a club. And if that passion can be exhibited by other players in the books of the club, it can only get better at the end of the coming season.

Despite the scene that played out in Berlin, one thing is clear from all this, that there is something in the speculations linking Sami Khedira to the Emirates, and if reports are to be believed, he could well be part of the German contingent at London Colney at the end of the transfer window.