Third Signing Of The Summer? David Ospina Listed As An Arsenal Player

Crave for information about a player is usually heightened when reports points to the fact that a deal is close to be done. In such moments there are normal dashes to any reliable source that can be the platform for factual information. On this basis, with reports doing the rounds that Arsenal are close to signing Colombian and Nice of France goalkeeper, David Ospina, a quick dash to the Wikipedia page would reveal that the information about the Quarter finalist at the World Cup has been altered. He is now listed as an Arsenal player.

Although, nothing much can be read into this alteration on the basis that anybody can edit these pages, it however gives room to firmly assert that the transfer could be nearing completion.

With the nature of editing with Wikipedia, rule changes has necessitated that the editor is required to state whether he has connections with the person the information is about. On this basis, the alteration of the page could either have come from one of such persons who are in the know, or just a randy Arsenal fan who is inching for a new name to be added to the list of players signed by the club.

However, going by how this particular transfer has gone over the last few weeks, the flames emerging out of the different reports have been taking turn towards something nearing confirmation.

With the way this particular transfer has gone down over the past few weeks, the possibility of it being done and dusted with is in the offing.

Information sources in most cases bear the hallmark of traits that reveals some measure of reliability to it. In this case, the tag of reliable can be read into it, with as is always the case with a dose of caution.

An over zealous fan can certainly play the role of an uncanny editor by applying his own interpretation of what constitute a done deal as was the case when Tim Howard was made the United States Secretary of Defence in the pages of Wikipedia immediately following his heroic goalkeeping against Belgium at the just concluded World Cup.

In effect, as much as various aggregate of information sources will reveal different faces of a transfer to suit a particular side, one thing is clear though, the transfer window creates scenarios that can only be paused when the window closes. A pause many in the fan ship of Arsenal would show many more confirmed signings on the official site.