£35m Rated Attacker Could Be Edging Close To Arsenal Move Despite Wenger Denials

When the World Cup was in full swing in Brazil, the media was a washed with Jackson Martinez to Arsenal rumours, and the Colombian striker did enough to increase those speculations when he scored two goals against Japan in a World Cup group match. The 27 year old was reported to be on the cusp moving away from Porto where he scored 20 goals in 29 league matches last season, with the player stating his wish to play for Arsenal.

“As a child I cheered for Arsenal, they play a game that suits me. If I had the occasion to play there, I would say yes.”

Besides his wish to play for Arsenal which he has not hidden, he recently spoke about his future to a Radio station.

“Right now, I don’t know what will happen.

“I have two more years on my contract with FC Porto.

“There is interest from some clubs, something that is perfectly normal when a player is performing well, but I always have to take into account the fact I am under contract and I have to respect it.

“Only time will tell what will happen.”

A sticking point in his statement is that there has been interest shown from other clubs; whether one of those clubs is Arsenal cannot be ruled out as the reports have constantly linked him to North London.

The fact Arsene Wenger jump the gun by saying that he is not looking to bring in another striker, could have slowed down the rumour mill of this link to Arsenal. As pointed out such comments could be met as diversionary tactics so that moves can be secretly plotted for targets.

The labyrinth nature of Arsenal’s transfer gives room for several permutations and speculations from the press. The reports in the press claims that there could be something underneath the transfer to make the continuous links to Arsenal to warrant a constant observatory post like a weather station giving reports on a coming typhoon.

With a clause of £35 million in his contract, it could well be a sticking point in the pursuit of the Colombian, who has built a reputation of scoring goals everywhere he has played. It goes without saying that with the £30 million spent on signing Alexis Sanchez, the club could be reluctant to deep it hands into it transfer fund to sign a player on a similar amount when there are other key positions to be filled in the squad.

As the saying goes, time will explain it at the end as the transfer season develops.