Sami Khedira To Chelsea On A Free Transfer?

The drum beats revolving round the future of Sami Khedira have been changing it rhythm in the past few weeks. After much ado about Arsenal being the only club interested in signing him, there are now reports emerging that the German has agreed to join Chelsea on a free transfer for next season.

If confirmed as true, it is a significant development in the many sub plots surrounding the Sami Khedira speculations. Why it is one of many stories that have dominated the main plot of the former Stuttgart midfielder, what does this mean to Arsenal?

It is not the most kept secret in the football world, it is as open as the River Thames that Arsenal are indeed interested in signing Sami Khedira, but for one or two issues surrounding the wage demands of the German, the transfer most likely would have been sealed by now. The player is at the middle of a contract that is winding down. He only has one year left on his contract. And players in such position most times hold the ace in their contract negotiations, as they become technically free agents, six months to the expiration of their contract because from that point, there are free to negotiate with any club. This is why the report that he has agreed to join Chelsea in a year’s time when his contract expires should be a concern to Arsenal faithful.

This is a player who is highly revered by Jose Mourinho, and he was one of the key components of his reign as Real Madrid manager for three years. It will not be out of place for him to covet the German once again when his contract expires so as to deny Arsenal the services of an important target. It is the same Jose Mourinho who refused to sanction the loan of Demba Ba to Arsenal last season after he got wind of Mesut Ozil’s transfer to Arsenal. By this it would not be out of his usual antecedents to do plot such graphs in the transfer market.

However, whatever Chelsea does, the overall decision ultimately lies with the German.

On the other hand, Real Madrid would most assuredly prevent Sami Khedira to run down his contract. There is likelihood that he would be sold this summer which gives Arsenal a leverage in it attempt to sign the German. Real Madrid have brought in Toni Kroos and James Rodriguez for huge fees, and not yet recoup anything from the transfer market, a situation they would want addressed with the sale of Sami Khedira if he chooses not to sign a new contract.

In the end, Arsenal can only do as much as the player agrees. Sami Khedira’s decision will determine how this pans out either wrongly or rightly.