Brian Lenihan Could Become A Gunner

Arsenal has been linked to Irish full back Brian Lenihan. The 20 year old Cork City defender has been watched by several clubs including Arsenal. He is a player who can operate in the defence as well as his preferred role in central midfield. The 6ft 2in defender is believed to have the capacity to become one of the best in the game in his role.

The Irish U21 international has attracted a lot of interest from several Premier League clubs having being the subject of extensive scouting where they have turned up at Turners Cross, home ground of Cork City to see the player.

He would count has one of several players that been linked to the club in this summer’s transfer window. The manger of Cork City John Caulfield confirmed Arsenal’s interest in the highly rated defender.

“A lot of teams have watched him, but it’s a business deal and it isn’t up to Cork City to name the clubs involved,” John Caulfield said.

“Everyone knows who has watched him. Arsenal have, Hull have, we’ve realised that Manchester United have watched him, Tottenham, Everton and [Aston] Villa have watched him.

“They’ve all had direct club employees to look at him as opposed to some of the Championship clubs, who’d have an agent saying he’s representing them.

“The official situation is that we received two bids and both have been rejected. One of the clubs has come back to us and we’re in negotiations with them but there’s still quite a bit of work to do

“Do I think that he’ll be gone across channel in the next couple of weeks? I believe that he will, and we have to make sure that we get the proper deal and Brian does too.

“What we have to try and do is a structured deal that if he plays international football or moves on elsewhere, we get rewarded. That’s probably what you have to look at.”

Going by the comments of the Cork City manager, Brian Lenihan has been scouted by Arsenal. Whether Arsenal’s scouts takes him worthy enough to warrant a transfer remains to be seen.

Arsenal’s chief scout Steve Rowley was reportedly at Turner’s Cross in June according to the Cork Evening Echo.

With club’s search for the best talents and Arsenal’s ethos of bringing in young players, the scouting of such a player would sit well with the club’s way of doing things. With no stand out Irish player in the youth set up at Arsenal at the moment, he could well be a new addition to the list of youth players.