Danny Welbeck Will Score 15-20 EPL Goals For Arsenal – Paul Scholes

Danny Welbeck’s signing on transfer deadline day for £16 million from Manchester United certainly came out of the blue, and the signing at first instance did not inspire much confidence from some quarters as many Arsenal faithful had clamoured for a ‘world class’ signing in the striking department.

However, after the shenanigans at play in the transfer window has ebbed away, an examination of the signing of Danny Welbeck by some within the Arsenal against all odds on the last day of the transfer window sphere has seen opinion change a little bit from the initial uncompromising position. While many are of the scale that his signing in view of the prevailing circumstances was better than nothing on the day.

However, the position taken by the likes of Paul Scholes has made many to sit up and take notice of what the 23 year old could do in Arsenal’s colours.

While the former Manchester United midfielder spoke on the basis of what and how he saw Danny Welbeck develop in the Manchester United’s academy to become a first team player, there is no doubt that he has the potential and attributes to score more than the amount of goals that Paul Scholes claims he would score.

“Danny (Welbeck) will never be a 20-25 goals a season man but he could get Arsenal 10 to 15.”

While the assertion by Paul Scholes that he would never be a 25 to 30 goals a season striker comes with an element of certainty, yet such statements are opinions that are subject to change

When Arsenal signed Emmanuel Adebayor in January, 2006 from Monaco he never had a reputation for scoring goals, and indeed had not reached double figures as a striker in his career at club level. However after playing in the shadows of Thierry Henry for a year and six months, he became a striker few had imagined he would become. With 30 goals in the 2007/2008 season (24 of which came in the league), and indeed he could have gotten more goals if not for the chances he missed. This goal return came as a result of the ball technicians Arsenal had in midfield at that time.

Danny Welbeck can certainly follow that path with Arsenal. He is already a willing worker, and a player who has a high work rate, and he does a lot of running.

With a midfield of Mesut Ozil, Santi Cazorla, Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott and Oxlade Chamberlain behind him, there is no doubt that he can strive in his scoring with through balls from these players. While, some level of combination play would need to be built overtime for there to be an understanding to be established in the final third, he has the qualities to hit the ground running.

With his pace and runs into space, he can make the visionary passing of Mesut Ozil to be utilized in a better way rather than the sideway passing, and the short passing around the penalty box that does not yield result in most cases.

There is no doubt that his goal ratio can improve to the 25-30 goal mark that Paul Scholes says he can never reach. No opinion is cast on stone. And with a player who has a point to prove as a striker after all the doubts, he could be an instant hit in Arsenal’s colours.