Transfer Rumours: How Potential Signings Pedro And Winston Reid Might Fit In

Recent reports suggest that Arsenal, who are currently struggling both to score and defend, want to bring in Pedro and Winston Reid to bolster up their squad. Arsenal seem completely reliant on Alexis Sanchez at the moment and are desperate for some more options to score.

Here we explore how these players might fit in.

Let’s start up front – what needs sorting?

Welbeck, who was purchased for £16m this summer, hasn’t quite hit the ground running and needs to improve quickly before becoming replaced by a more experienced striker.

Pedro, who has been left on the scrapheap at Barcelona, could make the move as quickly as January – which is more even more worrying for new man Welbeck.

Alexis Sanchez is fitting in quite comfortably with six goals in his eight last games, with two coming in the Sunderland match last weekend. So, my guess is that he won’t be replaced anytime soon – Welbeck will be the man to go.

Wenger is quite clearly weighing up his options and the experienced Barcelona man might just be the answer. At 27-years-old and with 53 goals, for the Catalans he might have the level head it takes to secure some wins for Arsenal. Welbeck cannot let Alexis Sanchez do it all himself; he needs to buck up his ideas soon or Pedro at Arsenal might quickly become a reality.

Welbeck is young and he may need some time. He has improved astronomically since leaving Manchester United, scoring three goals against Galatasary in the Champions League and bagging two goals in the Premier League. He obviously has the talent to succeed at the highest level but how patient can managers be? How many are willing to pay £16m to wait for something special to happen? Maybe reports that Wenger is looking elsewhere might spur him on to start scoring some goals.

Or maybe not, who knows?

Anyway, that’s the front sorted, what about the back?

With 11 goals conceded in nine games, things aren’t looking good for the Gooners’defence at the moment. Something needs to be done and Winston Reid could be the answer. The 6ft tall New Zealand international captain has a lot of experience for club and country. He’s strong, vocal and right at the heart of the Hammers’ defence. He would be a perfect fit in the Arsenal camp.

There doesn’t seem to be any leadership at the back and as a result they are quite disorganised. Their leaky defence leaves you betting on smaller clubs, such as their next opponents Burnley, to bag a few goals.

Burnleyhaven’t been doing too well at the moment and will be looking for an opportunity to boost their confidence. With Arsenal’s defence looking incredibly shaky at the moment, maybe slaying a dragon as large as Arsenal will get their season rolling.

Arsenal need to sort things out at both ends soon before they start to drift off. The fact of the matter Wenger, is that you need some better players soon. Sort it out mate.