Top 5 Players At Arsenal

Every team has a handful of core players that they simply don’t want to be without. Towards the end of last season Arsenal showed fans that they have some of the best players in the game, that are able to step up when required. Arsenal’s journey to 2nd place in the league was an impressive one that got the football betting industry talking. We look at Arsenal’s top 5 players that that helped them get there.

  1. Laurent Koscienlny

Probably one of the best footballer players in the world, let alone just Arsenal. He supports the team tremendously at the back of the field. He is an extremely intelligent and sometimes aggressive player who works wonders as a defender.

  1. Olivier Giroud

Currently on fire is Olivier Giroud. He has scored an unbelievable amount of goals lately and is always a favourite to score first when it comes to football betting. He has proven the critics wrong that stated that he wasn’t up to the job and is turning out to be a great investment for Wenger. If his form continues, it’s likely that more silverware will be heading in Arsenals direction.

  1. Mesut Ozil

Despite his sometimes-hazy form, Mesut Ozil is one of Arsenal’s top 5 players without a doubt when he is playing at his best. He has an incredible ability to find space when other players can’t.

His passing skills are superb and he is without a doubt a credit to the club.

  1. Francis Coquelin

Coquelin is definitely deserving of making it on the list of top 5 Arsenal players. He has proved himself as an excellent defensive midfielder, which Arsenal has lacked for a while. He is able to secure the team defensively and often causes problems for most strikers looking to shoot. A team with a great defensive has more chances to go forward on the attack, exactly what Arsenal need to do if they want to bring home the trophies.

  1. Alexis Sanchez

Once a great Barcelona player, now an incredible Arsenal player that without question deserves a spot on the top 5 list. He has settled in and learned the ropes of English football well. At the age of 26 he still has plenty of years ahead of him, which will surely see him develop even further. Not only is he a fine player, he has an unbelievable amount of love and enthusiasm for the game. I’d certainly place by bet on Sanchez to perform well in the next season.

There you have it, our list of Arsenal’s top 5 players.