On The Way To Arsenal? 41 Goals Goals MACHINE Provides BIG HINT

In what can be regarded as a big hint or a come and get me plea. Bayern Munich and Poland international striker Robert Lewandowski has told UEFA.COM he always looked up to Arsenal legend Thierry Henry for inspiration when group up.

The former Dortmund star has always been linked with a move to Arsenal and you can understand why. In an era when there is a dreath of world class strikers in the game, Lewandowski has shown like a million star.

In the just concluded season, he scored 30 goals in 32 Bundesliga games and in all competition, he had 42 goals in 51 games. Almost a goal per game, a record even Henry in his playing days will be proud of.

Lewandowski is quoted by UEFA to have said; “I watched the national team and I also remember the Champions League. I used to fall asleep a bit in the second half of those matches as it was quite late, but I always wanted to watch until the end.

“Thierry Henry was a player I liked to watch and take inspiration from,” Lewandowski said.

“It was a real honour more recently when he asked if he could have my shirt after a game. I asked if it was for someone else and he said: ‘No, it’s for me.’ That was really cool.

“I was watching him on TV a few years ago, now he is asking for my shirt.”

In all honesty, all Arsenal fans will like us to sign the Poland international but realistically, we have little to no chance of getting him if he ever becomes available. Unfortunately we are not as attractive as Barca, Madrid and even Manchester United who will become forerunners for his signature if he ever becomes available.