Ricardo Rodriguez To Become A Gunner

It is almost three years since that infamous £40m + £1 bid we made for Luis Suarez when he was still at Liverpool. The media made a mockery of us because of the extra one pound which we had put in in order to activate the Uruguayan’s release clause. They took advantage of the newsworthiness of the story but forgot to tell the fans that it is what all football clubs the world over does.

No one bids £45 million when a player’s release clause can be triggered by £40m + £1. We would have gotten Suarez if the Uruguayan had done the right thing by taking Liverpool to court. But again, we could find ourselves in a similar situation if the reports linking us to the signing of Ricardo Rodriguez are true.

The Switzerland internation has a €25 million release clause which means the release clause can easily be triggered if we put in a bid of €25,000,001. Should that happen and the player wants to come to us ( which I believe he would want to, he certainly would want to play in the same team as Xhaka his close pal ), Rodriguez will be a Gunner.

Wolfsburg are not Liverpool, there is little chance of they holding on to the player if his release clause is triggered especially as unlike the Suarez one, the clause is documented this time.