Wages Agreed, Medical Done, Arsenal To Announce YET Another Deal

Arsenal have agreed yet another transfer deal and the only thing holding up the announcement of the deal is a minor issue according to various reports from the Italian media today. Unfortunately this is not a new signing but could have an effect on a potential signing.

According to the reports in the Italian media and a section of the British media, Arsenal and AS Roma have agreed a deal that will see Wojciech Szszesny stay in Italy for another season. The deal is already agreed and unlike last season, Roma will now be paying a larger chunk of Wojciech Szszesny’s wages.

The Italians will however not have an option of making the deal permanent which means Wenger still belueve the Poland international still has a future with Arsenal. What was initially holding up the deal according to the report was that Roma wanted to have the option of making the deal permanent which Wenger didn’t want.

With Cech already 33, it is understand why Wenger doesn’t want to let Wojciech Szszesny go that easily especially considering that there is a good chance that David Ospina will leave the club any time soon as he is not the fans’ favorite and the criticism seems to be getting at him.

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