“Arsenal Will Bring In World Class Players” Club CEO SENATIONALLY Confirms

With over a month before the transfer window officially opens, Arsenal have moved quickly to complete the signing of their first player and according to the club’s CEO Ivan Gazidis, Arsenal is not looking to stop at just the signing of Xhaka.

Talking to the press men yesterday, Gazidis was quoted as saying;

“We still have to ask ourselves difficult questions: Did we have the right squad depth for certain difficult functions? We have a good idea of where we feel we fell short and where we feel we did well.

“Because we have a highly-visible manager who represents so much continuity, there is a misplaced belief that things don’t change. There has been tremendous change within, fully embraced and led by Arsène.

“We are in a position that we were not in four or five years ago where we don’t have to sell our best players. We can go and sign world-class players if and when the manager identifies them.”

This is a clear statement of intent as far as I am concerned. Gazidis has tactfully taken away all excuses from himself and put it on Wenger. He is practically asking the fans to hold Wenger to account if by the end of the window Arsenal ended not doing the right because as the money is there and the club is ready to give it to Wenger.

This tallies with what Wenger himself said recently when he said majority sharehold Stan Kroneke is ready to support him with the money he needs in the transfer. With all these, it is safe to assume that should we end up not signing the right type of players that will give us a chance to compete in the league, the cups and the Champions League next season, it will be solely Wenger’s fault.

Arsenal have already been linked with different players and various media reports from England suggest the Gunners will be signing Jamie Vardy from Leicester City in the next couple of hours. In fact, many book maker websites such as http://www.topbookmaker.co.uk/reviews have shorten odds on Vardy becoming a Gunner before the start of the European Championship on the 10th of this month.

We have also been linked with the signing of Alvaro Morata and despite signing Vardy, it appears Arsenal are still interested in one more striker or a wing forward. Happy times for Arsenal fans obviously.