A review of David Ospina’s display in the Manchester City crunch

Ospina substituted for Petr Cech who was out due to injury and although Arsenal’s defense was disastrous, City’s first goal could have been well avoided. The Colombia left the sticks, affording the light-footed Leroy Sane the opportunity to slot the ball home.

The second City goal, which shouldn’t have gone past Arsenal’s defense, was conceded when Sergio Aguero’s shot rolled beneath Ospina.

Although, both goals weren’t totally his fault but if he had shown more competency, he could have easily filled the gap his team’s inefficiency created.

The second half started with some action from both Gabriel and Ospina when they decided to keep the ball between them. Gabriel passed the ball to his goalkeeper, who was being intimidated by the City players, who in turn kicked the ball on a long range.

In spite of all that, the second choice goalkeeper performed well enough as he saved a quite number of goals, most specifically in the second half. He is a good shot-stopper but he lacks the ability to hold onto the ball and he’s always anxious to pass the ball on to the next available player.

Ospina was able to save three goals, which would have given City an edge over them.

He was good, not just good enough.