Santi Carzorla to return for next campaign

Arsenal confirmed on their official website that Santi Carzorla will be returning next campaign.

This new information, credits earlier reports that the Spaniard has already agreed to a new deal for the club back in December. But the Club are yet to make the news public knowledge for reason best known to them despite the little midfielder being a fan favourite.

Carzorla has been on the sideline after he underwent a couple of surgery on his ankle, this could be the reason behind Arsenal’s reluctance to announce his new deal.

Wenger, speaking ahead of his side 2-2 draw with Manchester City on 2nd of April, confirmed that the 32-year old will not be returning again this season, simply admitting“The season is over for him.”

I think Carzorla should be given enough time to recuperate without a constant reminder that he needs to return anytime soon.