Arsenal Football Club – A Long and Colourful History

It’s often said that you can’t possibly know where you’re going unless you know where you come from. Based on that, we can be sure that Arsenal has an interesting future ahead. The club has had a very rich and often intriguing past spanning more than 130 years, and has also been home to some world-class football players.

Based in London and one of the Premier League teams, Arsenal has had its ups and downs like no other; it’s results, at times, have been as unpredictable and random as that of online casino games. Having won various titles and honours, it continues to baffle fans and opponents alike. The team spirit remains strong, but it’s still amazing how they manage sometimes. Here’s a look at some key facts about the long and colourful history of Arsenal.

The beginning

It all started in 1886, when a group of workers employed by Dial Square, under the leadership of David Danskin, a Scotsman, decided to purchase the first football club. They played their first match on September 11, against Eastern Wanderers, trashing them 6 – 0. On Christmas Day, they decided on a new name, Royal Arsenal. Since then they have won many more games and collected many trophies and titles along the way.

The first decline

There were many problems along the way; for example, the club had to rename itself (twice) and it was frowned upon when it became a fully professional team, but it was the financial problems which plagued the club in the early 20th century which led to a decline in popularity for a while. Only when Sir Henry Nollis bought a majority share in the team, in 1910, did the situation improve.

Its first success

Eventually, the club was able to join the English first division, in 1919, and after much modernising and many ups and downs, Arsenal continued to grow in popularity.

The post-war years

The World Wars were difficult on all the clubs, with WW II claiming the lives of 9 players, but after 1945 Arsenal was back at it, winning the league title in 1947-1948.

Arsenal won their first League Cup in 1987, but it didn’t stop there. A year later it was awarded the Football League Centenary Trophy, and also won the Football League title. After 1996, it went through another transformation, focusing on money efficiency and dietary practices, and this led to three more major titles in only 6 years. It continues to be a major club in London, England, and on the world stage, and there’s no knowing where it’s heading next. If history is any indication, however, it’s sure to have a great future.