Breaking!!! Wenger speaks on Arsenal Injury Update after Aubameyang Car Crash

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“First of all, we rotated more in the Europa League and was able to rest more players,” Wenger told “Afterwards, you always improve by learning from the seasons before, you learn more about the general concept of our training intensity.

“We also learn more about the individuals. We have a deeper analysis of what happened with the player last year, whether he got injured, how many games he played in three weeks and after he got injured. From the player’s injury history, you learn when to rest him and when to play him.

“It’s about adapting the training loads to the history of the individuals. It’s also about strengthening where they’ve had weak moments in their history.

“When you play every three days, you weaken your players. When you rest them – and sometimes during the week when they do not play – you can work them to strengthen their physical condition. After that, they’re a bit less vulnerable.”