BBC Shocking!!! Arsenal Brings in Liverpool Player at Training

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Times have been hard on Liverpool player Dejan Lovren after the arrival of Virgil Van Dijk from Soutampton.

“I think he is doing quite well,” Lovren was quoted by the Liverpool Echo.

“He will do better and better every time (he plays) and he is a top defender. It’s still fresh, everything for him is new. We are still adapting to each other.

“He has all the backup from us. We are helping him and we haven’t had many times to play with each other and to be honest only had a couple of training sessions together (before the first game) so it’s still an adaptation. But I think we have done it quite well.

“You need to have time for adaptation. Players are young, but expectation is big. It’s difficult sometimes to cope with that. We need to support him and stick with him even in tough times like with me in the beginning.

“When I came here, it was a little bit rough but he is a big man, a big guy who believes in himself and that’s the most important thing.”