Barca & Juventus Target Wants £225,000-A-Week To Sign For Arsenal

Those who bet on the player transfers know that the odds of a player who is in the last year of his contract moving clubs is often high. It is even higher when the said player is an Arsenal player. And for this reason it is not out of place to bet on Ramsey leaving Arsenal any time soon. One advise though, if you must bet on Ramsey or any other EPL player leaving their clubs for a move to Europe this summer, I advise you to use the BetSid Bonus code. You can thank me later.

Back on topic, Ramsey according to a report by the SUN could be leaving Arsenal this summer, not even January now, due to a mini fall out with Unai Emery. Emery didn’t player Ramsey until the second half against Chelsea last weekend as reports claim the forever PSG and Sevilla manager was not happy with the performance of Ramsey against Manchester City.

This reports claim hasn’t gone down well with Ramsey and his representatives. And as a result the Welshman has made it cleared to Emery and his management team that he will not sign a new contract unless his role in the Arsenal team is properly defined. Ramsey is said to prefer playing a more central role in Arsenal’s first eleven and according to the report, Ramsey and his representatives believe Ramsey didn’t do well against City because he as operating from the right wing.

Another issue the SUN claim Arsenal and Ramsey have his the issue of the wage package. Ramsey is said to be demanding £225,000 per week which Arsenal are not ready to pay. And with less than 12 months left on Ramsey’s current deal with Arsenal, we can as well kiss him good bye. One, Emery doesn’t seem like Wenger who hates upsetting the apple chart. Xhaka and Ozil has been pulled off during matches due to poor performances and this could well happen to Ramsey again and again which won’t help the Wales international’s ego.

Also with Arsenal’s wage bill skyrocketing, it is not a surprise Arsenal do not want to give Ramsey £225,000 a week and neither do I think he deserves as much. He is off course a very good player but he is also injury prone and very inconsistent. His fan boys won’t agree but for a player who wants to be Arsenal’s second highest paid player, he should be delivering more than he is doing at the moment.

I personally do not see him signing a new deal and I think it is best that Arsenal commence the search for his replacement now.