It’s Not All About Choosing the Winner

When it comes to betting at an online sportsbook, there are so many ways to get a winner. Don’t for a second believe that you must successfully pick the winner of the next Arsenal game to make a profit.

Betting has changed so much in recent years. Two highly competitive industries have been instrumental in this. The arrival of the internet allowed betting companies to launch online sportsbooks. This meant that the opening hours of your local bookies didn’t determine when you could gamble. Now it was a 24/7 affair with betting opportunities for games all around the globe.

Then there was the television revolution. More channels who were all out to get you to subscribe with them. The offering of more and more football matches helped increase the number of betting opportunities. No longer were there just a handful of games shown live on the telly that you could bet on. Now you can’t move for them.

All of which has made an online sportsbook absolute heaven for football fans and lovers of other sports. Those of you who are new to all of this and yet to enjoy the pleasures of an online sportsbook might think it’s all about picking winners. Well, yes, it is but not necessarily the overall winner of an event.

Another way in which gambling has changed is the number of betting markets offered and that are available to bet on. There are now hundreds of them for top games and the hardest task is often deciding which one to plump for.

Imagine it’s an Arsenal game against Liverpool at the Emirates. Not the easiest of matches so a bet on the overall result might be rather risky. Your heart may want to back the Gunners to win but that’s not a guaranteed way to select winners. Go on though, have a bet on them with bet365 or other British bookmakers but only if you can afford to lose it.

You can access the Arsenal v Liverpool page and all the markets will be available for your inspection. Many of them will not need you to be betting on the winner of the game. Totally ideal when it’s an evenly matched game and you’re just not sure who to bet on.

For example, there’s the both teams to score market. If a side scores on a regular basis but can’t keep a clean sheet, then betting on both teams to score is a good bet to place. Sides that struggle to score (aka Arsenal in their opening games of this season) might not be best to bet on in this market.

You can bet on how many goals are scored in a game. Then there’s the goalscoring markets. It’s possible to bet on a player to score the first, last or anytime goal in the game. Again, with this bet you don’t have to predict the end result.

There are markets on how many yellow or red cards will be given out by the referee. You can place a wager on how many corners will be given and the time of the first goal. So many markets to bet on and you can be doing this while the game is being played. Betting can be so exciting so why not give it a go.