Two Step Forward, One Step Back

Arsenal Football Club won their last Premier League trophy in the 2003/04 season, where Wenger and his men famously went undefeated throughout the season. A feat that has not been replicated ever since. Those were the glory days for Arsenal, playing scintillating, beautiful, Rolls Royce type football on the pitch and winning trophies by doing exactly that. Ever since that time Arsenal has gone into a passive and slow decline. From being champions of England and reaching the Champions League Finals of 2006, Arsenal went into being a competitor for the top 4 spots. From there they further declined down to finishing outside the top 4 but making Europe. But lately, they have failed to achieve even that. Arsenal’s downfall as a football club has been a traumatic experience for their followers, and it appears like the club is doomed. But there is a saying out there when you are at the absolute bottom the only way you can go is up!

When Wenger parted ways with Arsenal, they were on the lookout for a competent manager and they decided to sign and agree on terms with Unai Emery but soon sacked the manager in a year’s time, and then replaced him with their club legend Mikel Arteta. Now besides having a soft corner for Arteta (him being an ex-player), the 39-year-old Spaniard was also the assistant coach at Pep Guardiola’s impeccable Manchester City. Many Man City players and pep himself have gone on to say on record how crucial Arteta’s role has been in the successes achieved by Manchester City. Consisted results and winning silverware at a dozen at Man city, be it as an assistant manager and also being an understudy to Pep Guardiola – one of the greatest coaches of all time. Arsenal football club had a new manager at the helm and a new hope began to spark at the Emirates.

A common phrase and sentiment attached with Arteta’s reign has been the shouts of ‘Trust the process’. The club and the fans know that to repair this club, to undo the damage, and ultimately to take Arsenal back to the euphoric nostalgia of their late 90s and early 2000s is going to require some time. Fans and the club are ready to be patient and put their faith in a once-familiar figure that is Mikel Arteta to calm the ship. A little over 2 years being a manager and Arteta has not been a bad investment at the Emirates.

In the first season for Arsenal, Arteta secured an 8th spot finish but managed to win a FA Cup and later winning a community shield in the next season. Another 8th spot finish in the 20/21 season and Arsenal were again under immense pressure. A horrid start to the current season from the gunners and it almost looked like fate for Mikel to be sacked. But soon Arteta’s men hit a purple patch and going forward this season are fighting for the top 4. The reason why Arteta might work for Arsenal and seems like their best bet going forward is his Guardiola-inspired type of play. Wenger not only won trophies he won them while playing beautiful football. Arsenal fans can see shades of that in Arteta’s Arsenal. He also made new signings for the club and always pushes academy talents into the first team. The average age of the starting 11 for arsenal is 24.1 which makes them the youngest squad in the premier league for the 21/22 season!

A youthful team led by a young manager who is only starting to mature and comprehend the game before stepping on the pedal. Mikel can be the man to restore Arsenal’s golden days with a little time, money, and patience. Arsenal instead of making an impulsive decision and looking for an instant remedy for the club, has been fairly wise and is confident in going the long road with Arteta. It will be slow, with a few hiccups but in the long run, it is, 2 steps forward, one step back. All arsenal fans around the world can do is, sit back, relax and ‘Trust the Process!’