The Invincibles

Undefeated Arsenal The 2003-2004 season is a triumph that no other Premier League club has ever achieved and a record that many Arsenal fans are proud of, no matter how good the current team is. Whether this was the best Premier League season of all time remains a matter of debate, but Arsenal’s 2003–04 squad will always stand out from the rest as “The Invincibles”. The Invincibles is the name given to Arsenal’s team for the 2003–2004 season.

The documentary portrays Arsene Wenger against Arsenal’s record-breaking 2003/04 season. Arsene Wenger’s will talk about the making himself, and the documentary explores the various phases of Wenger’s career and focuses on Arsenal’s phenomenal season at Invincibles. The film features unreleased footage from Arsene Wenger’s life in England, while Wenger has worked with directors Gabriel Clark and Christian Jeanpierre to tell his story in a way we’ve never heard before. Arsene Wenger left his post at the end of the 2017/18 season after years of mediocrity, which eventually led to most fans demanding the departure of the legendary figures.

Thierry Henry was still regarded as Arsenal’s all-time best player and scored the best 30 goals of his career during the Invincibles’ 2003–04 season. Henry led the unbeaten Arsenal team’s offensive line, scoring a whopping 30 goals in a no losing season, one of the Premier League’s top overseas players.  Since Preston North Ends’ 22-match campaign in 1889, no one has been imitated, and Arsenal has been referred to as “The Invincibles”. 

Arsenal became the second team in English Football League history to unbeaten an entire season. From defender Ashley Cole to captain Patrick Vieira and the ethereal Thierry Henry, Arsenal in 03/04 had a slew of players considered the best in Premier League history. It’s rarely mentioned, especially when comparing the 2003-04 Arsenal team to today’s Arsenal team, that the Gunners were also excellent defensively, conceding just 26 goals.

Keown played quite a few games at the start of the 2003/04 Premier League season, helping Arsenal to a 0-0 draw with Manchester United at Old Trafford.  One of the top leaders of the undefeated Arsenal team, Martin Keown, used to play at Arsenal as a centre-back. Arsenal defender Jens Lehmann played for Arsenal (2003-2008 and 2011). From academy player to Arsenal legend, Ray Parlour has worn the Arsenal shirt for 12 years and is part of Arsenal’s undefeated team.

However, Arsenal’s way of winning the title was far from plain sailing. The anticipation and intrigue of the 2003/04 Premier League pre-season heightened when Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich took over Chelsea in the summer.  Arsenal’s overall run began with a 6-1 win over Southampton in the penultimate game of the 2002-03 season. It ended with 49 unbeaten games in the “Battle of the Buffet” when anger flared when Manchester United was defeated to prevent opponents from scoring 50 points. No entry to Old Trafford 24 October 2004 Arsenal performance in other competitions Arsenal Invincibles’ season with defeats to Manchester United, Middlesbrough and Chelsea in the FA Cup, League Cup and Champions League respectively. After beating Leicester City to end the Invincibles’ 2003–04 season, Guardian writer Kevin Mitchell called Arsène Wenger the most astute manager in the Premier League and “probably in all of football at the moment”.