Arsenal showing trust in Mikel Arteta as they get ready to do business in Transfer Window

Arsenal is heading into an intense summer transfer window, and Mikel Arteta is looking at moving five new players in an attempt to upgrade the playing staff. It has been reported that Stan Kroenke is looking to prove his faith in Mikel Arteta, providing him with a PS 180 Million war chest for the summer window, which will enable him to make significant upgrades to his team. For Mikel Arteta, this summer presents the opportunity for him to raise his game at Arsenal and ensure there are no more short-term falls at forward.

As well as being the gifted, hugely accomplished midfielder that Mikel Arteta is, something which could help develop others in that position, Arteta knows what it means to sign for Arsenal. As is usually the case with transfer markets, one club may be joined by a number of others when targeting players, making securing the deal all the more difficult. Still, fortunately for Mikel Arteta, he holds a few key advantages when looking to try to ensure some of the players.

He has this unique background that he can leverage to honestly sell a project to someone such as Leicester City’s Youri Tielemans, somebody already in the Premier League but looking to make that next step up in his career. Meanwhile, Mikel Arteta may not have an immediate connection with Leicester City’s Youri Tielemans. However, his involvement with the pro game could be used as an essential piece to landing a deal for the Belgium international down the road. If so, then this looks to be another step in the right direction for the Mikel Arteta project. An injection of youth and hunger for football has proven crucial to Arsenal’s success in the post-Arsene Wenger era.

Arsenal might not be the Champions League-contending side that they were with Alexis Sanchez as their star. However, Mikel Arteta is looking to take the club back to the heights they once were. Arsenals Champions League campaign finds itself entirely outside the European competitions for 2022. Arsenal is looking to change that, with Mikel Arteta recognising critical parts of the team, outside just tactics and quality players, that must change. Let us keep the glass half-full for a second and imagine Arsenal entering the summer window with the necessary machinery and funds in place to pull off the deal. If that is not a fascinating summer shopping trifecta, then we do not know what is. Still, the report makes a cautionary note that Arsenal would have to ensure Champions League qualification to land all three targets.