World Cup: Golden Boot Race

Who’ll be the Next FIFA World Cup Golden Boot Winner?

The football community considered Benzema a natural candidate to be the 2022 FIFA World Cup Golden Boot… But when the situation seemed really clear, the current Ballon d’Or title holder picked up an injury and failed to be able to play in the World Cup.

The football community then expected a lot from natural contenders like Kane, Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi.

We have only one guy, Mbappé, with more than 3 goals as of the quarter-finals and lots of names with 3 goals, which means the final result of the Golden Boot is definitely not clear. The discussions about the odds for this event are trending at several hot sites, and in Asia, เว็บไซต์พนันออนไลน์.com for Thailand is certainly a great choice. 

Harry Kane

The Tottenham striker failed to play as a proper striker during most of this World Cup. He has contributed a lot with assists, but he’s not being the Harry Kane that the fans expected, and his teammates Rashford and Bukayo Saka have already scored 3 goals. 

It’s fair to say that football fans and even bettors expected a different kind of performance from Harry Kane during the World Cup.


Messi is behind Mbappé with 3 goals while the French star has five, but a hat trick against the Netherlands could easily fix that for Lionel Messi.

While Argentina has been unstable at times, he certainly is the most solid aspect of the Argentine squad.


The PSG teammate of Neymar and Messi is a complete player: he’s creating chances easily through the left wing, which in my opinion is his best possible role, and he occasionally ‘visits’ the box of the adversary like a typical striker.

I believe he tends to be the Golden Boot Winner if France beats England in the quarter-finals.


The Brazilian striker might be a surprise to many in the football community. Still, to Brazilians, his talent is simply being acknowledged after years of scoring easily since his days at the club level in Brazil with Fluminense.

Oliver Giroud

Another name that must be considered is Giroud, who isn’t as talented as Mbappé, Kane or Messi, but he’s been incredibly efficient when playing the role of a very traditional striker.

Few players have been mocked over the years as he has, considering his incredible list of titles won during his career both at the club level and with the French national team.


The Netherlands attacker surprised the world with his amazing skills and he’s also a contender as the Netherlands remains in the World Cup. He could benefit from the unsteady Argentine defence eventually. 

Gonçalo Ramos

Yesterday the Portuguese who was the substitute for Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat trick and automatically became a contender in the Golden Boot race.

It’s interesting to note that a hat trick is not something extremely rare, especially for names like Ronaldo, Messi and even Kane, meaning that if a top-quality, superstar player like these names scores 3 hat tricks in a row in the remaining games, it’s still possible to reach impressive numbers in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.