Can Arsenal Still Win the Premier League? Breaking Down the Gunners’ Chances After Loss to Man City

Arenal’s slump continues as Man City claims the top spot in the league after beating the Gunners on their home turf for the first time this season. Man City secured a 3-1 win on Wednesday night at the Emirates Stadium and moved to the first position since November.

Apart from the defensive blunder by Tomiyasu, Arsenal dominated the game for most of the first half. Bukayo Saka’s penalty leveled the score at halftime after Kevin de Bruyne’s opener.

However, the blues emerged strong in the second half and asserted dominance. Man City got in the leading position thanks to Jack Grealish’s goal, and Erling Haaland finally stepped up to put the nail in the coffin by scoring the third goal to secure a well-deserved victory.

The Arsenal football team has only earned one point in three games, which means they now have a slight lead of five points over Manchester United, who are currently in third place. This has turned the competition for the title into a three-team race, and fans are excited to keep track of the Premier League Football API and live standings as we enter the last half of the league. This is something many will want to ensure they do if they are keeping a close eye on the Gunners, as Arsenal’s historical statistics may not always read too positively for those when looking at the business end of the campaign.

Despite the loss, Gunners boss Mikel Arteta still backs his team to win the title. “They still have it [the belief]; I can sense it. They feel they can do it,” Arteta said in the post-match interview.

According to Carragher, Arsenal should avoid panicking after their defeat against Manchester City. Instead, he suggests they should hope that Manchester City’s involvement in multiple competitions will work in Arsenal’s favour towards the end of the season.

Even though City got the better of Arsenal, the league is still far from over, with 16 games to play in the Premier League. Arsenal has its destiny in its own hands. Man City is still competing in the FA cup and Champions League, so they will have their attention diverted to three competitions. This will provide an opportunity for Arsenal to capitalize on any slip-ups made by the blues in the closing stage of the season.

The race for the title is still very close and uncertain, especially since the two teams have a match scheduled at the Etihad in April. In addition, Arsenal has one game in hand, which means that if they win that match, they could move back to the top of the league table. They can do so when they play against Aston Villa on Saturday.

However, Arsenal’s priority should be to ensure they remain in contention for the title when they play against Manchester City instead of worrying about Manchester United catching up with them.