Premier League Betting Odds: Arsenal and More

Premier League Betting Odds: Arsenal and More

A lot is about to happen in the EPL as the final moments of the season approaches. What teams will reach the UCL in the 2023/4 season? Who will win the EPL? Will Arsenal lift an EPL trophy once again, or will Man City lift their 5th trophy in 6 seasons? 

Also, what teams will be relegated? Who will end up in the UEFA Europa League?

The outright market can be exciting throughout the season, but it becomes more popular around the end of the European domestic leagues.

A lot is required to plan a successful season in modern footie. Having a successful and smart transfer window is just the beginning of the process. These days, the departments dedicated to the health of footballers are huge. In the past, doctors would be the base of these departments, working mainly to help the players when things went south and injuries happened. 

These days, there’s a lot of work dedicated to avoiding injuries, and the work is as broad as helping the managers buy players only if they pass medical tests, up to small things, daily tasks for the physiologists and nutrition professionals deciding the details of the diet of each player, like your nutritionist helps you decide the amount of protein you should eat a day to build muscle.

The result of the work of these professionals is often indirect in professional sports, and it is often seen in teams that don’t have injuries and perform well. 

Avoiding an outbreak of injuries, mostly the ones related to fatigue and problems with muscles is a hard task, that affects the outright markets directly. Now let’s have a look at the betting odds for the final events of the 2022/23 English Premier League

Current Odds: EPL Final Part of the 2022/23 Season

The Gunners can celebrate that Arsenal remains the favourite to lift the trophy in the ongoing English season.

The odds for a triumph of Arsenal and the return of the EPL trophy to North London are 1.70 on average (decimal system) in the international gambling markets. The Gunners are followed by Man City which has odds of 2.40 on average.

An unlikely title of Man Utd could pay odds of 201.0 as of today! But in terms of gaming markets, anything could happen: the title of Leicester in 2016 paid odds of 5000 to 1 to sports bettors that believed in their unlikely triumph as of the beginning of the season!

An even more unlikely title of Newcastle United could pay odds of 500 to 1, while the potential triumphs of Liverpool, Brighton and Tottenham could pay 1500 to 1 each!

Other EPL Betting Odds

However, the market also bets on the bitter parts of the history of all clubs, and a bet on Southampton ending up relegated as of the end of the season could pay 44% profits! The situation also doesn’t seem good for Bournemouth as the odds for their relegation are 1.64 on average.