The 6 best football players in 2023

Football is a sport that has been played for many years. The discipline is mainly led by young men who lead their lives in the sport. However, there are also many excellent female players who deserve recognition. 

Skokka’s research team has carried out an investigation to find out who are the best players in football in 2023 and who are the best female players in 2023. 

The aim of the article is to encourage equality between men and women, to make the efforts of both visible and to make them known. In the same way, their interests, their best goals and their best matches will be briefly explained.

Leo Messi

Leo Messi is an Argentinian football player. For many years now, this player has been playing for Futbol Club Barcelona as one of the best players in history. In fact, thanks to his participation, the azulgrana team has won more titles than anyone else. 

One of his best matches was in the Copa del Rey where Barcelona played against Getafe. The result was a 5 – 2 victory for Barcelona. This match reminded many people of the unforgettable Diego Armando Maradona as Mesi replicated one of the most famous goals in history. 

It is because of his career, his way of being and his attitude that he is one of the most loved players in the world, even by the UK escorts of Skokka.

Karim Benzema

Benzema is a professional football player from France. He is considered the second-highest goal scorer Real Madrid has ever had. He has about 325 goals in his entire career with this football club.  So it is no surprise that he is recognised worldwide and that many people fall in love with him, such as the sexy London escorts.

According to him, his best game was last year when they played against PSG. It was in that game that he was named UEFA’s best player of last season as he scored 15 goals, some of them decisive for Madrid to reach the Champions League final.

Milan Skriniar

Another recognised player is this Slovakian who has played for Inter Milan since 2017. Since his arrival, this team has one of the most dominant defenders in European football in its squad. That is why many other teams are considering buying this player to bring more potential to the team to win more games. 

This young man is so attractive that even girls who do not like football, like some of the escorts in the city, fall at his feet. Moreover, his presence in Inter Milan has made thousands of fans defend this team even more.

Alexia Putellas

Alexia Putellas tops the list of the most recognised female football players in history and nowadays. She is a Spanish player who currently plays for FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team. Her participation has definitely led to her being recognised as the favourite of the year, and that is why she picked up her coveted Ballon d’Or award in 2022.

Her team won the treble (League, Champions League and Cup). This hat-trick will remain in history, together with her second goal in the Champions League final against Chealse FC, which was decisive. As it will be decisive for your happiness to get in touch with the best Melbourne escorts.

Sam Kerr

Samantha May Kerr is an Australian professional football player. She plays for Chelsea in the Women’s Super League (WSL) and the Australian national team (the Matildas). In fact, she was one of the three finalists for The Best Player award as she scored in 21 of the 22 matches she played in the WSL. 

For sure, her enthusiasm, her passion and her talent take the breath away from everyone around her and who knows about her. In addition, those who know her say that she is a very willing, hard-working and friendly girl who is always willing to help and improve for herself and for others.

Wendie Renard

She is a French football player who, at the age of 15, was already a member of the ultra-marine polo team of the Lycée de la Commune Martinique in Martinique and played for the Rapid Club Lorrain. Her physical qualities and the techniques she has used throughout her career have been appreciated all over the world, which is why many consider her to be one of the best players in the world. As many consider her to have the most beautiful physical qualities.

One of her best games was during June 2019, in the match that opened the World Cup of the same year and where she scored 2 goals against South Korea and for that reason she was named “player of the match”. 

In conclusion, football is a very important and highly recognised sporting discipline around the world. As has been said, the male presence is generally more valued since it is the one that is most seen for leisure; however, the female strength is huge and, increasingly, their presence is being noticed.